"Sydney" by Landon Balding

Thank you Sydney West for falling out of the tree.  I still laugh about this.  Seth Schaeffer filmed me laughing at Sydney falling out of the tree and Carrington Schaeffer made sure she was bleeding.  Jenny West made sure she got there to fall out of the tree.

"I Will Make You" by Landon Balding

Produced & Directed - The Joshua Danger & Seth Schaeffer
Song Written and performed by The Joshua Danger
Video Editing - Seth Schaeffer and The Joshua Danger
Song Mixed & Mastered - Layne Stein
Director of Photography - Seth Schaeffer
Special Effects and Post Production - Seth Schaeffer

The Joshua Danger: Himself
Tammie Lotionson: Carrington Schaeffer
Guards: Preston Helton, Danny Odom, & Mike West
Barista: Terri Schafer
Desert Girls: Lindsay Hoover, MacKenzie Koncher, Alicia Ready, & Brandi Wittwer
Desert Guy: Dominic Jones
Next Victim: Shannon Huslig

Mike & Jenny West
Layne Stein
Danielle Behrens
Jim & Allison Blevins
Shea & Niqi Bramer
Noelle Carson
Victor Lagaretta
Shannon, Connor, & Ethan Huslig
David Wall
Kevin & Sarah Decker
Caleb & Rickelle Hicks
Dominic Jones
Casey King
Andrew & Chris Mabrey
Janae Steward
Kirk Quinlivan

Rayne's Room Recording Studios
- Winter Park, FL
Planet Earth & Caole Lowry - Grand Junction, CO
Monument Coffee & Tom Wingerter - Grand Junction, CO
Good Will
- Grand Junction, CO