We're at over 8,000 views. Media coverage may be helping... Post away! / by Landon Balding

We've been watching our "I Will Make You" video climb pretty quickly on YouTube and have seen some great things coming from it.  We noticed that GJSentinel.com wrote a story about the video production that later got picked up by www.indenvertimes.com.

Find the Daily Sentinel link HERE.

And the In Denver Times link HERE.

We've since been contacted by Ron & Greg of 96.1 KSTR to do an interview on their radio show.

Lisa McDivitt from KKCO TV in Grand Junciton, CO also contacted us to do a story about the production.

A very influential site (www.somethingawful.com) for viral videos and upcoming "big" videos has picked us up given us hundreds of views in only a couple of days.

We've also been linked at www.dvxuser.com, www.cinema5d.com, www.investorsiraq.com, all over Facebook, and quite a few other big sites.

The video seems to be taking well to the community overall, except for a small group of sheltered activists that hate it.  That group has only confirmed that we did something right with this one!

We hope to see more views and we're glad to see people like you finding it funny and worth spreading to friends.

In the words of Joshua Danger, "Be EnDangered!" and watch it again...