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Joshua Danger was most likely a twin that merged at birth.  This might account for some of the"crazy."  His musical exploits are as vast as his hairstyles, and he describes himself as "musically schizophrenic."  JD is bonafide noise-maker - fortunately he's found a way to make some money doing it.  JD has worked with the likes of Prince, Jay Leno and The Blackeyed Peas, and his work has been used for such moguls as America's Got Talent, MTV, CBS, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Warner Brothers and Walt Disney World.  Whether making house-beats or house-dressing, Joshua Danger has a style all his own.  The Sound Collage, his newest brainchild, is based off the concept of looping and layering.  "Y'all better listen and watch carefully or you just might miss it!" 

His doppleganger (Josh) performs in another fantastic group called MO5AIC.  Joshua Danger would like to take a moment to compliment his doppleganger on his incredible fashion sense.  "Well done, Josh."